Door Fitment

Door Fitment

We offer the service of fitting doors to your home should you be in a situation where your door needs to be replaced after a long period of wear and tear. In order to proceed with door fitment we need to ascertain the size of the door and the size of the space in which the door needs to be placed in order for fitment to be perfect. We also have to check if the floor is level so that the door doesn’t sway upon opening or closing during use.

Then we need to mount the door hinges and prepare the door frame for the mounting of the door itself by means of positioning the hinges accordingly and making sure that they are mounted flush to what we have measured.

We provide door fitment for all different types of doors including:

–        Residential doors

–        Cupboard doors

–        Shop and retail doors

–        Sliding doors

–        Swing doors

–        And other types of doors


We provide this service for both interior and exterior doors and we can also provide advice and assistance when it comes to maintenance as well. We provide door installations for both business premises as well as domestic homes.