Kitchen Design

Kitchen design Cape Townkitchen design cape town

When you are thinking about calling a company for kitchen design, you would have to take into consider how well that company can get the job design. JLM Carpentry will give your kitchen what it needs, to turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Kitchen Design can be a time consuming and expensive process, but taking into consideration the process must be planned to perfection to deliver optimal results. We begin by analyzing the space in which the kitchen will be improved or built upon; this includes measuring the floor space and certain areas of the space for solutions on where to install certain kitchen related objects such as fridges, cupboards, stoves, oven, etc.

Once this process is complete we will proceed with the actual design process which includes developing highly detailed CAD drawings and renderings which will give you a good impression of what the end result will look like and we can adjust the design to your liking and specifications accordingly. When contemplating about building and designing your kitchen it would be recommended to contemplate on functional space above all things as there are a lot of equipment that is used in a kitchen in general. Other things to bear in mind are the amount of storage space that you need as well as the placement of essential kitchen equipment such as your stove, oven and fridge.

We can create different renderings at your request and once you have decided on a design them we will discuss how we can proceed with regards to building the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Design Cape Town – Restoring your old fashioned kitchen

Working in a small or out of date kitchen can be a big problem.