Shopfitters Cape Townshopfitters cape town

If you are starting up a new business, especially into a space or area that is an empty room, one of the things  you would need to take into consideration would furniture and shelving. Whether it would be for your personal admin area or products that you would have on display, hiring a shopfitter would be a simple solution to your problems

We are an experienced and qualified shopfitters Cape Town accredited company that assists in the design and creation of the interior inside retail stores and businesses. We assist by design and installing different kinds of fittings, equipment and fixtures to make your store looks presentable and outstanding.

Types of installations our Shopfitters Cape Town accommodate:

  • Display cabinets
  • Glass counters
  • Grid displays
  • Slat walls
  • Slat attachments
  • Display stands
  • Shelving
  • Counters and Paypoints
  • Furniture and other useful fixtures that would be useful

We take pride in our craftsmanshipshopfitters cape town

We begin the process by measuring the working space to fit all of the equipment that you are going to need. Then we start the design process by preparing different renderings and highly detailed drawings to show what the end result would look like.

Once a design is chosen, we start with acquiring the required equipment and fittings to install into the interior of the premises. We install the equipment and fixture to a highly detailed standard and to the nearest millimeter.

We are not restricted to shopfitting for retails stores but also for any other kind of business premises such as restaurants, convenience stores, gift shops and many other kinds of business orientated buildings. Choosing a shopfitters company is a risky choice, especially if you have never seen or heard of them before, but JLM Carpenters can deliver on what we promise. All shopping fitting is carried out accurately ensuring that the end product will look presentable and professional, spacing should never have to be an issue, we accommodate any issues that may arise during the installation, with guarantee our craftsmanship as shopfitters Cape Town.